Our Story

The Wanderlust Protocol

 Change the way you see the world – by seeing the world!

The Wanderlust Protocol was established to support and encourage the worldwide community of travel-loving women.  We offer a curated selection of items that we believe fill all the requirements of your Wanderlust Protocol. 

The world is a vast, stunning canvas just waiting to be explored. We help you plan, prepare, and execute your personal Protocol to Wander. From luggage to day bags, from universal adapters to power cubes we’ve got you covered. And speaking of having you covered…we also have everything for you to wear on your beach or cool weather adventures! Cover yourself in beautiful swimsuits, cute shorts, cozy sweaters, and comfy bottoms for those days you just want to lounge around your rented villa.

We support the Earth Day Network. The organization helps to solve climate change, end plastic pollution, protect endangered species, and broaden, educate, and activate the environmental movement across the globe.

A portion of all sales go to the Earth Day Network. We want to help preserve the world we love to explore!


Let’s explore the world together!